Weekly Reflection: 1

This week I spoke to Mr Dixon about some of the details of my ecosystems. If you’re interested in how that went scroll down for the blog post discussing it. My main resource for this weeks information was my discussion with Mr Dixon. I gathered a lot of useful information regarding how to set up my ecosystem and how to be more definitive when measuring changes.

In the upcoming week I need to see if i can find a spot to leave my ecosystems – at school – where they will get plenty of sun and won’t be interferred with. I also have to consider where I will collect soil for my ‘natural setting’ ecosystem – whether it will be from a local park or just my back garden. When considering setting from which I’m gathering soil I’ll need to take into account variables such as alkalinity and lime content.  I will also have to start gathering the equipment so I can set up my ecosystems.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Reflection: 1

  1. Hi Dylan, looks like everything is going well. some great interactions with people. It seems your research project will have outcomes in addition to that of your learning! Hey, here is a question….will you introduce any bugs/organisms to your ecosystems? eg; worms, beetles?

    Warm Regards Sasha.

  2. Thanks Sasha,

    In response to your question, yes I was planning on having worms and beetles (any small invertebrates really). I just have to work out what and where I can get them. Any ideas?

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